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Team up with your neighbour to receive a 15% discount when you have your ventilation installed on the same day!

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All ventilators come with a 15 year Manufacturer's Warranty

Have your property inspected & assessed

Just $99!

Ventilation - Edmonds Windmaster Whirlybirds

Edmonds Windmaster Whirlybirds

From $175 each

Available in 28 different colours

Ventilation - Edmonds Supavent Turbine Ventilator

Edmonds Supavent Turbine Ventilator

From $210 each

Available in 17 different colours

Ideal for areas exposed to salt air and hail

Ventilation - Vent-A-Room

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Vent-A-Room Systems

From $440

Cut the costs of running an exhaust fan

Ideal for bathrooms and rental properties

Don't forget your additions!

External Eave Vent

External Eave Vent

Round ceiling register

Round Ceiling Register

Square ceiling vent

Square Ceiling Register

Features & Benefits

  • No energy consumption
  • Removes heat & moisture from roof spaces
  • Provides ventilation in the lowest wind speeds
  • Suitable for metal & tiled roofs, and most roof colours
  • Residential homes, commerical & industrial building