Ventilation is one of the most crucial elements of home or workplace, since it affects the air quality inside the dwelling. Insufficient ventilation not only affects the breathability of the air, but it also causes numerous other problems.
Key benefits of ventilation
Temperature control
Heat builds up in your roof space in summer, at times reaching 70°C. Edmonds roof ventilation removes the heat replacing it with cooler ambient air. This helps your insulation work more effectively and reduces the load on your air conditioning, particularly where there is ducting in the attic space.

Moisture control
Moisture in your home can be a destructive force, causing wood rot and encouraging mould and mildew, which can trigger asthma and allergies. Edmonds roof and sub-floor ventilators expel moist air helping to protect the integrity of your home and the health of your family.

Air quality
There’s nothing like a breath of fresh air, but many homes aren’t designed to allow fresh air to circulate easily. Edmonds roof vents, ceiling registers and air transfer systems all help to encourage fresh air into the areas of your home where it is most beneficial.


What happens if ventilation isn't sufficient?

Problems in ventilation can lead to a number of issues:

  • Sometimes the temperatures in the roof spaces can go up to 70°C during summer. Since the heat is not able to escape via the roof, it flows downwards into the house, thus causing inconvenience and discomfort, putting unnecessary load on the air-conditioners or fans. Almost 45% of the cooling effects from air-conditioning are lost through the roof.
  • When the mercury drops during winter, the damp air should be removed or else moisture gets condensed on the rafters, roof tiles or sheeting and insulation. If moisture seeps into the roof cavity without a way out, it leads to soaked insulation, which is basically useless. This trapped moisture travels through the walls and causes mould or mildew. It also leads to cracking, flaking, or peeling of paint and plaster.
  • A storm is unpredictable, which makes it likely that rain or snow can creep into the roof cavity during this time due to inadequate ventilation.
  • The quality of the roof is compromised as the condition of the tiles or sheet metal worsens faster than they would have if the air space was well ventilated.

Cheaper bills
When summer sets in, quite a few homeowners have to pay up utility bills of exorbitant sums, not to mention the added maintenance costs. An air-conditioner or exhaust that operates day in and day out is bound to increase the electricity consumed, thereby raking up the final figure quite high. Whirlybirds ensure that the air quality remains normal, so none of the utilities are overused. Installing a Vent - A - Room system in your bathrooms will eliminate the need and costs of an exhaust fan.

Green product
The Whirlybird ventilators work a 24-hour shift, but no toxic gases or chemicals are emitted as by-products, which make them environment friendly and safe for use. Rainwater is prevented from seeping into your home through careful design

Winter Damp
Up to 12 litres of moisture finds its way into your roof cavity every day from condensation, bathrooms, laundries and kitchens. This trapped moisture can promote mould, mildew, rot ,odours and damage to plaster and paint

No Running Costs
The whirlybirds is powered by the wind and heat transfer, so there are no on-going running costs. Even in light winds, specially designed vanes catch every passing breeze.


A healthy property is free of excess moisture and mould!

Do you have Mould?

Mould is one of the most primitive organisms that inhabit this world. Responsible for decomposing organic matter, mould is vital to the maintenance of the world we live in. Although this isn’t a problem in the outdoors, it becomes a serious problem when mould begins to contaminate the indoor environment we live in. This contamination leads to numerous health conditions.
Mould forms almost anywhere there is moisture trapped in the air. So typically around wet areas like bathrooms, kitchens laundries and unventilated roof and sub flooring cavities.
Eliminating the visible mould and the mould spores is the first step to ensuring a mould free home. Controlling the moisture issue is the most important part of mould remediation and key to ensuring a mould free environment. Reducing the moisture levels in the property can be achieved by increasing ventilation with Whirlybirds, vents and fans.